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Terms of Conditions for Bitcoin

These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "the terms") stipulate the terms and conditions of the use of service concerning the deposit, withdrawal, and betting of bitcoin (hereinafter referred to as "the service") provided by Bet Channel (hereinafter referred to as "the site").

Registered users need to fully understand the detail of the terms and agree to the terms prior to the use of bitcoin on this site.

Only those registered users who have agreed to the terms shall be able to play on the site by using bitcoin.

The terms constitute part of the site user policy, Any item that is not mentioned in the terms shall be interpreted by the site user policy.

The definition of any word used in the terms shall be interpreted by the site user policy unless otherwise specified.

  • Service details
    • The service covers the deposit, betting, and withdrawal of bitcoin by registered bitcoin users on the site.

      The service covers the deposit, betting, and withdrawal of bitcoin by registered bitcoin users on the site.

  • Article 2. Obligations of registered users
    • Those users who desire to deposit and withdraw using bitcoin need to verify that they are aged 18 and over in addition to their residential address. For this purpose, they shall submit proper documents required by the site and register their information correctly. A user’s passport, credit card, and driver's license can be used for identification. Eligible documents to verify a user’s residential address shall be limited to an electric or telephone bill, a letter from the user’s employer, and/or an official certificate from a local municipality all issued within the last three months. Also, registered users shall be required to have a valid email address. In addition, they shall swear that they do not belong to or associate with any anti-social force. In the event a registered user causes damage to our company, any other registered user, or any third party, the registered user in question or a person who was the registered user shall take all legal responsibilities and any liability for any damages. They shall never cause any trouble whatsoever for the site, any other registered user, and any third party. Registered users shall also fulfill any other requirements specified by the site.
  • Article 3. Handling of personal information (management of customer information) (management of the ID and password)
    • The site shall handle personal information of customers appropriately based on the privacy policy posted on the site. To confirm that the same person deposits and withdraws bitcoin, the site needs to collect and save information on all trades, member registration, log-in, deposits, and withdrawals as well as the IP address, MAC address, browser data, and so forth. When customers register their password to use the service, they shall strictly manage it at their own responsibility so that it will not be used illegally by any third party. The account set forth by a customer for trades in the service shall belong to this specific customer alone. Any rights of the customer to access the service shall not be exercised jointly with any third party, lent or assigned to any third party, succeeded by any party, pawned to anyone, or subjected to any other similar disposition. The site shall be able to regard all actions on any trading account as actions of the account holder in person. The customer shall be liable for any damages caused by a failure to manage the trading account or password, any mistake in the use, any use by any third party, and so forth. The site shall take no responsibility whatsoever. In the event a customer recognizes that his own trading account has or may have been used by any third party, the customer shall notify the site of the possibility and follow any instruction from the site. In the event the site judges a customer to have violated the terms, the site shall be able to suspend or delete the customer's trading account without any prior notice. A customer's rights to use the service shall be terminated at the time his trading account is deleted for whatever reason. Should a customer delete his trading account by mistake, the account may not be recovered in principle.
  • Article 4. User responsibility (customer responsibility)
    • The value of bitcoin may be influenced greatly by the market. The customer shall use the service at his own responsibility and take full responsibility for all of his actions and all the resulting outcomes. The customer shall understand that there are various risks related to the use of the service, for example without limitation, the risk resulting from a rate change and the risk of loss. He shall trade at his own discretion and responsibility. The site shall be able to take any action that is judged by the site to be necessary and appropriate in the event the site believes that a customer is using the site in violation of the terms and the site user policy. However, the site takes no obligation to prevent or correct such a violation. When a customer uses bitcoin in the service, its exchange rate shall be determined by the market rate. The company shall take no responsibility whatsoever for any reason other than an intentional act or gross negligence. Also, the customer shall agree in advance that any trade that has been fixed may not be revoked. The customer shall be held liable for any damages, including the legal fee, incurred directly or indirectly by the site resulting from his use of the service, including any claim filed by a third party with the site concerning the customer's use of the service. These provisions shall remain effective even after the termination of the terms.
  • Article 5. Prohibited acts
    • The customer shall not do anything that may fall into any of the following categories.
      • Use the service in a fictitious name, pretend to be someone else toward the company or any third party, or own and use multiple trading accounts.
      • Infringe upon any right or benefit of the site or any other user of the site, or any property right, honor, privacy, any other right, or any benefit of any third party.
      • Alter or remove data that is available or usable in the service and is provided on the site for users.
      • Use information, such as numerical values and news obtained from the site, for any purpose other than to trade, disclose information to any third party, use the site for commercial purposes, tamper or re-transmit information, or do anything for any purpose other than private use by the customer.
      • Disseminate false information intentionally.
      • Use the trade name, trademark, or service mark with no prior approval by the site.
      • Disrupt the server or network system related to the service, use BOT, a cheat tool, or any other technical means to illegally manipulate the service, exploit any flaw of the service intentionally, direct a wrongful inquiry or demand to the site, obstruct or disrupt the management of the service by the site or the use of the service by any another user.
      • Send any information containing a computer virus or any other harmful computer program, for example without limitation, information that may lead any other customer to a phishing site that may aim to steal information from the customer.
      • Give benefits to any anti-social force or cooperate with it in any other way.
      • Violate any applicable law or any other regulation, commit a crime, act in association with a crime, or neglect any social norms.
      • Act in any other way judged by the site to be improper.
  • Article 6. Suspension and interruption of the service
    • The service is on offer for 24 hours every day in principle. But the site shall be able to suspend or interrupt all or part of the service under the following circumstances with no prior notice to customers.
      • Any facility for the service is inspected or any periodical or emergency maintenance is underway.
      • The normal service cannot be provided due to fire, blackout, network disturbance, a natural disaster, or any other event beyond human control.
      • The service cannot be provided due to a war, riot, violence, or labor dispute.
      • The service cannot be provided due to a change in the law, court order, or instruction from competent authorities.
      • The site judges it necessary to suspend or interrupt the service temporarily for any operational or technical reason.
      The site disclaims any liability for any damages incurred by a customer due to the suspension or disruption of the service.
  • Article 7. Restriction to the use and removal of registration
    • Article 7. Restriction to the use and removal of registration
      • The customer violates any provision of the terms or the site user policy.
      • The customer's trading account becomes known to have been opened in the name of any other person, in any fictitious name, or with no intention of the authentic account holder. Examples are, with no limitation, a name theft reported by the authentic account holder to the company and a damage report filed with the police in relation to a name theft.
      • The customer assigns, pawns, or disposes of any credit or contractual state related to a trade in the service.
      • The customer's trading account is judged by the site to be used actually or potentially for any act that violates any law or any norms.
      • The customer uses or attempts to use the service for any purpose that may bring damage to any other registered customer or any other third party.
      • The customer obstructs the management of the service by whatever means.
      • The customer does not use the service for three months or more or fails to respond to any inquiries from the site.
      • The customer is judged by the site to be ineligible to continue as a registered customer.
  • Article 8. Disclaimer
    • The site shall not offer any guarantee or take any responsibility whatsoever for the use of bitcoin, any other related service, and the value and function of bitcoin.
    • When a link is set up from the site to any other website or from any other website to the site, the site has nothing do with the other site and the content and security of any information obtained from the other site. The site shall take no responsibility whatsoever for the use of the other site.
    • The site shall be able to interrupt or suspend the service in the event any illegal use of the site by any third party, any unlawful access to the service management system, or any failure in the service management system is detected. In such a case, the site shall not take any responsibility whatsoever for any damage incurred by customers due to the interruption or suspension of the service.
    • The site takes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage incurred by customers due to a change in any laws, regulations, guidelines, or any other restrictions (hereinafter referred to "laws and regulations"), including but not limited to a change in laws and regulations or taxation that apply retrospectively.
    • The site shall not take responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by customers in the use of the service.
    • To use the service, customers need to access the Internet. Customers are required to prepare and operate necessary equipment, facilities, software, and a means of communication properly. But the site shall have nothing to do with the preparations and operational procedures necessary for customers to access the Internet.
    • Even if the site recommends certain Internet system requirements, the site shall not warrant any performance of the equipment, facilities, software, and so on. The site shall take no responsibility whatsoever for any trouble, illegal use, or operation of the computer, telephone, and any other devices.
    • The site shall not guarantee that any data sent by customers to the site will be permanently saved. Customers need to back up any important data that they do not want to lose.
    • In the event the site transfers any related business to any other company, the site shall be able to transfer the contractual status of customers, any rights and obligations of customers hereunder, any information registered by customers, and any other customer information to the assignee of such business. Customers shall be to have agreed to such transfer in advance. In addition, any business transfers specified hereunder shall include not only ordinary business transfers but also any corporate splits, business assignments, and any other similar cases.
  • Article 9. Change to the terms
    • When it is judged by the site to be necessary, the site shall be able to change the terms and any separate terms without prior consent of the customer. Any change to the terms and the site user policy shall be posted on the site or published in a manner specified otherwise from time to time. In the event the terms or the site user policy is changed, the terms and conditions of the service after the change shall be based on the revised terms or the revised user site policy. Customers shall be supposed to agree to any change to the terms or the site user policy in principle once they use the service after the site posts the change to the terms or the site user policy or if they do not enter the procedures to cancel their registration within the period of time specified by the company.
  • Article 10. Notification or contact
    • Article 10. Notification or contact
  • Article 11. Copyright
    • Any content, information, photograph, and any other copyrighted material shall belong to the site or the author or owner of such copyrighted material
  • Article 12. Inquiry
    • Any inquiry about the use of the service is accepted at "Contact us".
  • Article 13. Governing law and jurisdiction
    • The Curacao law shall be the governing law in the interpretation of the terms. Any lawsuit or legal dispute related to the terms shall be subject to the judgment of the Curacao court.

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