Privacy Policy

    • The following describes the information gathering and dissemination practices for Bet Channel, which is operated by Media Gate N.V. (“the Operator”). Your use of Bet Channel and any of the content available on it shall be referred to as “Services”
    • 2.1. Your personal data (meaning any information about you from which you can be personally identified, such as your name, address, telephone number or email address, and which is referred to in this privacy policy as “Your Information”) will be processed by the Operator (which includes its agents and employees), and (where appropriate) our partners and subcontractors in order to be able to provide you with the full range of the Services. Your Information is collected when you register to open an account with us or when you submit a written query to us.
    • 2.2. While Bet Channel may contain links to websites operated by parties other than the Operator, the Operator is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any such websites.
    • 2.3. By using any of the Services, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of this privacy policy and that where you provide us with Your Information (including, for the avoidance of doubt, submission of any queries to us, or where you only partially complete the account registration process), you consent to the use of Your Information by the Operator (and our partners and subcontractors) for the purposes set out in section 3 of this privacy policy.
    • 2.4. If you do not wish to provide Your Information on the basis set out in this privacy policy, you should not enter the relevant information in the spaces provided on the relevant part of Bet Channel or provide any of Your Information to us over the telephone. However if you do not provide such information, you may not be permitted to fully use the relevant part of the Services.
    • 2.5. As part of the account registration process, we also offer visitors registering with us the opportunity to “opt out” from keeping them informed of future events, offers and promotions from the Operator. Visitors who wish to take this option should ‘untick’ the relevant box during the registration process. You may update your marketing preferences at any time through your account screen or by contacting Bet Channel’s customer service.
    • 3.1. The Operator collects Your Information in order to:
      • 3.1.1. Enable Bet Channel to set up your account so that you can make full use of all of the features of the Services, including crediting your account with funds, placing bets and playing games.
      • 3.1.2. Enable Bet Channel to receive and respond to inquiries from you.
      • 3.1.3. Comply with relevant regulations regarding your registration, for example completing age verification checks.
      • 3.1.4. Keep you informed of future events, offers and promotions from the Operator provided that you do not “opt out” from this option.
    • 3.2. In addition to the broad purposes identified in section 3.1 above, the Operator will only use Your Information, including the sharing of Your Information with our third party partners and subcontractors who process data on our behalf for:
      • 3.2.1. Setting up, operating and managing your account.
      • 3.2.2. Providing any of the Services which are requested of us, and for any appropriate purpose connected with such provision.
      • 3.2.3. Verifying the accuracy of Your Information, including the disclosure of such information to third parties (including financial institutions, age verification, and credit reporting agencies) in connection with such purposes (a record of the search will be retained and the third party may use the information to assist other companies for verification purposes).
      • 3.2.4. Preparing statistics related to the use of the Services by you and other customers.
      • 3.2.5. Preparing and displaying appropriate individualized marketing material and content.
      • 3.2.6. Sending account holders written communication to announce important service changes, technical issue updates and changes to the Terms of Service (which includes this privacy policy).
      • 3.2.7. Complying with our regulatory duties, obligations and responsibility to the regulator; and under the relevant legislation and to the relevant regulators in other jurisdictions where the Operator carries out a regulated activity.
      • 3.2.8. Conforming to legal requirements or complying with legal processes or acting to protect the interests of sporting bodies or other qualified bodies.
      • 3.2.9. Investigating suspected unlawful, fraudulent or other improper activity connected with the Services.
      • 3.2.10. Reporting of a crime or suspected crime, including money laundering or any fraud.
      • 3.2.11. Fulfilling any other purpose that is necessary for the performance of our contractual obligations to you.
    • 3.3. The Operator will not send you unsolicited information regarding any third party commercial offers or advertisements.
    • 3.4. Telephone calls to and from our Customer Service Department may be recorded for training and security purposes.
    • 3.5. We may transfer Your Information in the event that we transfer or sell our business or any part of it; including in the event of insolvency.
    • 3.6. If at any time you wish us to stop processing Your Information for the above purposes then you must contact us and we will take the appropriate steps to stop doing so. Please note that this may mean that your account will have to be closed.
    • 4.1. In connection with the provision of the Services, the Operator may need to transfer data (including Your Information) to:
      • 4.1.1. Other companies in the same group of companies as the Operator.
      • 4.1.2. Our partners and subcontractors.
    • 5.1. You may update or delete Your Information at any time from within your account through your account screen or by contacting Bet Channel’s customer service.
    • 5.2. You may obtain a copy of Your Information held by the Operator by contacting Bet Channel’s customer service. We do require up to twenty-eight (28) days’ notice to enable us to comply with such requests.
    • If at any time you believe that the Operator has not adhered to the principles contained within this privacy policy, please notify us by contacting Bet Channel’s customer service and we will use all commercially reasonable efforts to promptly determine and correct the problem.

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